Services from Diamond Product Solutions:

  • Developing new applications with diamond coatings.
  • Analysing your existing applications and proposing a tailor made diamond coating solution.
  • Arranging your substrate and selecting your diamond coating.
  • Processing your diamond coating to better specifications:
    • better flatness
    • better smoothness
    • sharper edges
  • Analysing your diamond product solution and optimazing it.
  • Making your diamond prototypes
  • Processing your grown diamond coatings for quality investigations such as:
    • grain-boundaries
    • defects
    • pin-holes
    • measurements of grainsize diameter
    • etc.
  • Diamond lapping and polishing service :
    • natural-, synthetic-, mono-crystall and poly-crystall diamond, PCD
    • nano-crystalline diamond coatings
    • micro-crystalline diamond coatings
    • thick-film CVDD
    • polishing of diamond which is allready mounted
    • etc.
  • Developing new diamond-processing processes for higher specifications on flatness, smoothness, sub-surface damage etc.
  • Optimazing your existing diamond-processing processes to
    • higher removal rates
    • higher process-yield
    • proposals on equipment etc.
  • Coating your diamond or diamond coating or other ceramic materials with:
    • Au/Ge                Melting point  356  degree C
    • Au/Sn                Melting point  280 degree C
    • Ti/Cu/Ag            Melting point 940 degree C
  • Soldering of Diamond onto SiC
    • Shear strenght   ~300 N/mm2
    • High thermal use
    • Matched thermal expansion coefficients

Thin Diamond Plates
Thin Diamond Plates for detectors.
Technology Transfere
Have your own processing equipment and technology for processing diamond
Diamond - SiC Mirrors
First ever Diamond Coated & Polished SiC Mirrors
Polished diamond coated Si wafers
Diamond Coated and Polished Si-wafers for future electronics .
Sub-nanometer polishing.
Roughness as low as 0,2 nm Ra.
Diamond coated & polished Si wafers
Diamond Product Solutions transferes the technology to process diamond coatings on Silicon
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