Diamond Coated SiC substrate ( 10x10x5 mm), High flatness, low roughness.
Diamond Coated SiC substrate ( 10x10x5 mm), High flatness, low roughness.

Diamond coating on SiC.

SiC is a ceramic material which has some excellent properties such as

  • mechanically very stable
  • high thermal conductivity ( 150 - 200 W/M*K)
  • high E-Modulus
  • high chemical inertness

Diamond Coatings : also have much extreme properties such as

  • high thermal conductivity ( 800 - 1500 W/M*K)
  • hardest material know
  • high electrical resistance

Diamond coatings can be grown onto SiC. They form a strong chemical bond.

A diamond coating in combination with SiC as a substrate material makes a unique combination.

Diamond Product Solutions can process this rough diamond coating to very low flatness (Lambda/10) and low roughness .

It is possible to coat the diamond coating surface with :

  • Au/Ge           Melting point 356 degree C
  • Au/Sn           Melting point  280 degree C
  • Ti/Cu/Ag       Melting point  940 degree C

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