Diamond Coated and Polished Si wafers for future electronics
Diamond Coated and Polished Si wafers for future electronics
Polished diamond coating on Si-wafer
Polished diamond coating on Si-wafer

Diamond Product Solutions offers the polishing of  diamond coated Si  wafers.

These Diamond Coated and Polished wafers can be used  for future electronics and other applications.

When growing any diamond coating on a  substrate the  end layer is mostly not smooth   and  certainly not flat because the diamond growth is different on different positions on the wafer. Also there are almost always  local high peaks on the diamond coating which can be bad for the end-application.

Therefore the best thing is to polish the  diamond coating after it has been grown on the Si wafer. Then you will have the smoothest and flattest diamond coating possible ready for further use in your process.

Diamond Product Solutions can polish wafers up to 4 " in diameter. 

Achieved roughness is  lower than 2 nm Rms.

Flatness can be as low  a 2 micron over   a 2 "  Si-wafer  depending on the thickness of your Si  wafer.

Attached picture shows  a 2 inch Diamond Coated & Polished Si-wafer which has been polished  for Cardiff University.

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Polished diamond coated Si wafers
Diamond Coated and Polished Si-wafers for future electronics .
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Roughness as low as 0,2 nm Ra.
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