Diamond Coatings
Micro-crystalline diamond coating
Micro-crystalline diamond coating

Diamond Thick Film

For more than 15 years diamond thick films have been available for industrial applications. The best quality diamond thick films are made with the Microwave Plasma-Assisted CVD technology. This diamond thick film  is called CVDD. (Chemical Vapour Deposition Diamond) .The first applications were in heat sinks for use in undersea-telephone-cables . With time and development the general quality and transparancy of diamond thick films improved and it became possible to make optical windows from CVDD. These optical windows are being more and more used in high power CO2 laser systems by the top laser manufactures throughout the world.Thickness of these windows are typically 1 mm.

Diamond thick film (CVDD) has established itself in the industrial marketplace.

Diamond Coatings :

When a diamond film has a thickness smaller then 20 microns it is called a Diamond Thin Film or a Diamond Coating. This should not be confused with a Diamond Like Coating (DLC). All the major properties of these DLC coatings are inferior when compared with real Diamond Coatings ( see Diamond Coating Properties). So diamond coatings have the same properties as CVDD. The only difference is that it is thinner.

Diamond coatings on substrates:

To be able to use these diamond coatings they have to be grown on a substrate. Nowadays diamond coatings can be grown onto : tungsten carbide, Si, SiC and Si3N4 .  By shaping a substrate to your needs and growing a diamond coating on top you can benefit from the properties from a real diamond layer.

Nano-crystalline diamond coating
Nano-crystalline diamond coating

Which Diamond Coatings are available:

There are three different types of diamond coatings.

  •    Micro-crystalline diamond coating 
  •    Nano-crystalline diamond coating 
  •    Ultra-Nano-Crystalline-Diamond coating

The difference between these true diamond coatings are the grain-size, the thickness and the roughness as well as some other properties. (See Diamond coating properties). The coating companies are putting a lot effort in making diamond coatings smoother because the market is asking for it. Therfore nano-crystalline diamond coatings are being used more and more. Typical applications are : faces of mechanical seals, special end-mills and even cutting edges for foil cutting.

Thickness and roughness comparison of diamond coatings
Type diamond coating Coating-thickness Roughness (as grown) Roughness (processed)
Micro-crystalline 5 - 20 microns ~3 microns ~5 nm
Nano-crystalline 0,1 - 15 microns ~500 nm ~5 nm
Ultra-nano-crystalline 0,1 - 2 microns ~30 nm -
Polished nano-crystalline diamond coating
Polished nano-crystalline diamond coating

Processing of diamond coatings:

It is becoming clear that the market wants smoother diamond coatings. For high quality applications diamond coatings need to be much smoother compared to the coatings nowadays available. Coating companies are looking to make smoother diamond coatings. But to achieve the best flatness and smoothness for your applications these diamond coatings have to be processed after the deposition of the diamond coating. This is now possible - Diamond Product Solutions can do this for you. Thanks to more than 20 years experience in processing diamond and diamond thick film (CVDD) into al kinds of products and applications, this knowledge and experience is now available. A new area of industrial- and scientific products can be adressed. Contact Diamond Product Solutions for your special application at

info@diamondproductsolutions.nl .

Thin Diamond Plates
Thin Diamond Plates for detectors.
Technology Transfere
Have your own processing equipment and technology for processing diamond
Diamond - SiC Mirrors
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Polished diamond coated Si wafers
Diamond Coated and Polished Si-wafers for future electronics .
Sub-nanometer polishing.
Roughness as low as 0,2 nm Ra.
Diamond coated & polished Si wafers
Diamond Product Solutions transferes the technology to process diamond coatings on Silicon
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