Company Introduction

Diamond Product Solutions stands for designing products where diamond and diamond coatings are the essential part.

Diamond Product Solutions has many years of experience in designing products made of natural- and  CVD Diamond as well as developing processes to shape CVD Diamond into windows used for high power CO2 lasers, all sorts of industrial- and surgical cutting edges from CVD Diamond, water-jet nozzles and many other applications, all made from single crystal or CVD Diamond.

Very often lower cost diamond coatings can be used to replace a current and expensive full diamond solution.

Frequently it is only the top layer, the layer which is in contact with the process environment, has to be diamond and hence a true diamond coating (not diamond like) on a chosen substrate is the cost-effective answer to your problem.

Diamond Product Solutions will propose, after investigating the application, the best diamond coating solution for you.

Today coatings can be put on tungsten carbide and ceramics such as  SiC, Si,

Si3N4.  Real perfect adhesion onto different 3D shapes with areas up to 150 mm in diameter !

Polished diamond coating on 2
Polished diamond coating on 2" Si-wafer

Processing Diamond Coating to higher specifications :

Diamond Product Solutions can add value where needed on  all these coatings by processing these  diamond coatings . Diamond Product Solutions is fully equiped for processing these diamond coatings. Diamond Product Solutions can produce :

  • Flatter surfaces
  • Mirror smooth surfaces
  • Sharper edges
  • Concave and Convex  surfaces
  • Spherical  areas

Diamond is a very brittle material. The applications of products made from single crystal- or CVD diamond is very often limited by this brittleness, sometimes to the extent where it simply does not function. By growing a true diamond coating onto tungsten carbide or other ceramic materials, your are adding two winners together. The world's most wear resistant material on top of a tough base-material.

Users, actual and potential, of diamond products can now access the massive advantages made possible by true diamond coatings. Please contact Diamond Product Solutions with your problem or question, and together we will solve the problem by developing a tailor made diamond coating solution .

Thin Diamond Plates
Thin Diamond Plates for detectors.
Technology Transfere
Have your own processing equipment and technology for processing diamond
Diamond - SiC Mirrors
First ever Diamond Coated & Polished SiC Mirrors
Polished diamond coated Si wafers
Diamond Coated and Polished Si-wafers for future electronics .
Sub-nanometer polishing.
Roughness as low as 0,2 nm Ra.
Diamond coated & polished Si wafers
Diamond Product Solutions transferes the technology to process diamond coatings on Silicon
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