Diamond Coated Disk for Pin on Disk friction testing
Diamond Coated and Polished Disk
Diamond Coated and Polished Disk ( 50 mm diameter)

As known by insiders, a diamond coating, like natural diamond, has the lowest friction coefficient of all material. When diamond is polished to a super smooth flat surface the friction coefficient is even lower. In a humid atmosphere the friction coefficient can be as low as 0,001 between diamond and diamond.

When a super smooth flat polished diamond coating is used in vacuum, the friction increases to about 0,6 between diamond on diamond. As know diamond is the hardest material known. Wear of diamond is almost zero when used against diamond and certainly agains other hard materials such as SiC and Si3N4.

From now on Diamond Product Solution can deliver super smooth polished Diamond Coated Disks for your friction experiments such as the Pin on Disk test-method ,  or other applications

Diamond Product Solutions can deliver an Diamond Coated Disk ( see picture) with a very low surface flatness , and a very low surface  roughness.

Please contact Diamond Product Solutions for more info on info@diamondproductsolutions.nl

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