Diamond Processing Experience
100 mm optical CVD Diamond window
Photo Element Six Ltd.

Diamond Product Solutions has a long experience in developing processes to shape any diamond, thick or thin, from single crystal- and CVD diamond into products for different applications such as  :

  • Optical CVD Diamond windows for use in high power lasers
  • Optical CVDD surgical knives
  • Single crystal high pressure waterjet-cutting nozzles
  • Single crystal diamond SIL's ( Solid Imerging Lenzes) and measuring spheres

Diamond Product Solutions developed processes to make CVD Diamond flat and smooth to use in optical applications:

  • Diameters up to 140 mm
  • Flatness up to  Lambda/20
  • Smoothness  < 2 nm RMS
  • Thickness down to 100 microns
  • Parallelism < 30 arcsec.

Diamond Product Solutions developed processes to make  sharp edges onto CVD Diamond with combinations of:

  • Yag-laser-cutting
  • IBM sharpening and smoothening
  • Diffusion of diamond
  • Polishing of cutting facets

All these processes can be used on true diamond coatings. Diamond Product Solution has it's own equipment to make your true diamond coating flatter, smoother and sharper.

Therefore contact Diamond Product Solutions and together we will develop and produce your new application with a tailor made diamond coating, processed to your special needs.

Thin Diamond Plates
Thin Diamond Plates for detectors.
Technology Transfere
Have your own processing equipment and technology for processing diamond
Diamond - SiC Mirrors
First ever Diamond Coated & Polished SiC Mirrors
Polished diamond coated Si wafers
Diamond Coated and Polished Si-wafers for future electronics .
Sub-nanometer polishing.
Roughness as low as 0,2 nm Ra.
Diamond coated & polished Si wafers
Diamond Product Solutions transferes the technology to process diamond coatings on Silicon
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