Diamond Processing Technology Transfer
Diamond Processing Technology Transfer

Diamond Product Solutions has 28 years  experience in the processing of natural-, synthetic- and CVDD Diamond for high tech applications.

Besides developing new products such as thin diamond plates, diamond coated & polished (micro) cmm probes, Diamond Product Solutions starts to transfer diamond processing technology to private companies and universities.

These companies and universities will than make a giant leap in diamond processing.

The technologies which can be transfered  are in principle  two processes:

  • The Lapping process  for bulk removal
  • The Polishing process for final specifications

A short overview of technology which can be transfered :

  • Processing of as grown CVDD to high power windows and exit windows
  • Processing single- and poly- crystal diamond to thin diamond plates
  • Processing as grown CVDD diamond wafers ( diameter 5 mm to 110 mm )
  • Processing diamond coatings on Silicon wafers
  • Processing of all your mechanical-, thermal- or optical CVDD to lower specifications on thickness, flatness, smoothness  etc.
  • Processing Syndite wafers
  • Polishing of small syndite wafers to low thickness tolarance plates
  • Wedged diamond windows and plates.

Diamond Product Solutions will draw up an inventory of which technology you need for your special diamond application. Than the appropriate equipment will be selected for you. Together with all the work instructions, jigging, tools  etc. the equipment & technology will be transfered on side.

When you want more information on this new service please contact Diamond Product Solutions.


Thin Diamond Plates
Thin Diamond Plates for detectors.
Technology Transfere
Have your own processing equipment and technology for processing diamond
Diamond - SiC Mirrors
First ever Diamond Coated & Polished SiC Mirrors
Polished diamond coated Si wafers
Diamond Coated and Polished Si-wafers for future electronics .
Sub-nanometer polishing.
Roughness as low as 0,2 nm Ra.
Diamond coated & polished Si wafers
Diamond Product Solutions transferes the technology to process diamond coatings on Silicon
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